Julie Robinson

Julie Robinson


Speciality Nutritional Therapy
Degrees BHSc (Nutritional Medicine), mNNA

Julie has a passion for nourishing food, creative cooking and inspiring people to take control of their health and wellbeing through eating deliciously and nutritiously well. Nutritional therapy is a personalised approach to nutrition that draws on the best of nutrition science and uses this to help clients understand how their diet might be impacting on their health and vitality, and how making even simple changes can have hugely positive impacts. Whether you have a specific health concern, want to lose weight naturally or just feel more energised and alive, good nutrition can help you achieve your goals.


Initial Consultation (1.5 hrs)                                                                                                 £ 70.00                                                                                                

During the first consultation, a detailed history of health problems, medical and family history plus diet and life-style factors will be taken. Simple tests will be carried out, if relevant (e.g. blood pressure, pulse rate), in order to obtain a thorough understanding of your nutritional requirements. A nutritional programme will then be devised for you. If necessary, tests will be recommended to help reach a nutritional assessment. When a test is deemed necessary to help determine the underlying cause of your health problems, your nutritional programme will be devised when the results are through. The results and programme will then be discussed with you in detail at your second appointment.

Your nutritional programme will include dietary recommendations supported by life-style changes where relevant to improve your nutritional health. Supplements based on individual needs may also be recommended, if necessary. You will also receive any relevant additional information concerning the nutritional treatment of your health problems. Please allow up to one and a half hours for this first appointment.

Follow Up Consultation (45 mins)                                                                                           £35.00

The first follow-up consultation will usually take place between three and four weeks after you start your programme, although this may vary according to individual programmes. During these follow-up visits, your progress will be assessed and adjustments to your programme will be made as necessary. Please allow 45 mins for follow up consultations.

PLEASE NOTE: the consultation fees do not include:

  • the cost of any functional laboratory tests that may be deemed necessary
  • the cost of supplements that may be prescribed as part of your treatment regime


Telephone Consultations are available – Fees as above

Payment and cancellation policy

Payment (cash or cheque please). Bank transfers are possible, paid in advance of a session.

Missed Appointments: Please allow 24 hours notice of cancellation of an appointment.