Podiatry/Chiropody treatment

Our State registered Chiropodist Sophie Stableford works on Saturday mornings in the clinic from Saturday 2nd June. Sophie is a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and the Health Professions Council. Please call 500905 for an apointment.

Your treatment session:

During the first meeting at the clinic, an initial assessment will take place to establish your Podiatrist needs. This will take into account your general health, medication, lifestyle and footwear. Circulation and sensation are also assessed in order to formulate a holistic treatment package.

Your treatment may include:

  • Regular maintenance of nails, reduction of thickened nails, corns and hard skin as a package
  • Regular maintenance of nails due to difficulty in trying to manage them yourself
  • Aiding the discomfort of one particular problem such as an ingrowing toe nail/ an area of hard skin or a corn. One treatment session may be all that is needed
  • Urgent treatment of a foot wound/area of open skin with referral to NHS podiatry service as appropriate
  • Advice for diabetics, rheumatoid and vascular patients following on from your foot health assessment

New Patient / Emergency

Initial Consultation with first treatment

A holistic approach to assessing your podiatric needs including checking circulation and sensation. A personal treatment plan will be devised along with any treatment required.

If you find that you have an urgent podiatry need, emergency assessment and treatment can be provided. E.g. Ingrowing Toenails (IGTN), painful corns/hard skin and foot wounds requiring dressings. We endeavour to designate an appointment as swiftly as possible. £35 – 40 mins

Subsequent Treatment for Registered Patient

Traditional routine Podiatry

Brief assessment, followed by treatment which may include: Cutting and filing of nails. Nail thickness reduction. Ingrowing toenail management. Also includes debridement of corns and callus as well as an application of nourishing foot moisturiser. £30 – 30 mins

Simple Corns

Hard skin and corns will be debrided with an application of nourishing moisturiser (note this does not cover nails £20 – 20 mins

Simple Nails

Straightforward nail cutting and filing with an application of nourishing foot moisturiser (note this does not cover thickened nails, hard skin or corns) £20 – 20 mins

Simple Ingrowing Toenails

Conservative management of recurrent ingrowing toenails. Useful whilst on the NHS waiting list for nail surgery £20 – 20 mins

For Patients with Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis or vascular problems.

The feet are screened to assess for risk factors in relation to developing foot complications. This includes the use of a doppler to assess circulation and a monofilament to assess sensation. A detailed copy of the report will be sent to your GP if required. £30 – 30 mins (assessment only), £35 – 40 mins (including any relevant treatment as required)