Kay Reynolds

Kay first qualified in Remedial Massage at The Northern Institute of Massage in 1991. YIKES ! She has enjoyed every work day since, her clients making her work what it is.

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She then went on to study Craniosacral Therapy in 1993 for a number of years with the Upledger Institute and started to weave both into her work. She has integrated EFT, Hypnotherapy and Counselling into her skills in order to offer her clients a holistic and creative experience.

Counselling skills, psychotherapy, reflexology, myofascial release, all were added to the mix over the years.

Today this enables her to work with a number of health and well being challenges, from simple tension and overused muscles and soft tissue to conditions that may indeed have an emotional or traumatic “lock” leaving a legacy of tension, anxiety and stress. She is experienced in: pain, tension and injury recovery, chronic conditions such as ME and MS, stress and trauma recovery.

Talking often helps and is indeed a great starting point in her work but at the end of the day it’s the hands on of good bodywork that walks the talk.

Kay works at Southport Osteopathy on Thursdays. Please book HERE