Dr. Charlotte

Dr Charlotte


Speciality Botox, Aesthetic fillers & Weight loss

Dr Charlotte from Dr Charlotte Aesthetics is a qualified Dental Surgeon. She has worked as an NHS and private dentist since 2004 both in the UK and also in NZ. She took a strong interest in aesthetics in 2008 and have continued to offer such treatments alongside dentistry since then. 

As a dentist she has an extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and is a highly experienced injector. She loves helping people gain their confidence back and could not think of a career she would enjoy more. Recently Dr Charlotte has been so happy to add a medical weight loss program to her available treatments and help people reach their health goals that they have struggled with for decades. 

Please feel free to contact the clinic to book a free consultation to have an informal chat about any treatments you may like to discuss. Dr Charlotte currently works on Wednesdays. Please contact her here